3. Workout Plans

Below you will find our examples of workout plans based on our 60 minute workout compound exercises philosophy. Now remember, you can always swap out an exercise if for example you have an injury or for whatever reason cannot perform it comfortably. There is no such thing as ‘definitive’ workout plans, but it always comes down to your own preferences and most importantly, that you feel good maintaining this training plan in the long run.

60 Minute Workout for beginner (men/women)

If you are new to compound exercises it is crucial to focus on proper form and full range of motion. Therefore, we selected rep ranges which are considered on the higher end for these exercises. Keep it simple and learn the movements first before you start lifting heavy! For a home workout check our blog post.

As you can see our recommendation is slightly different for men and women. This is due to our different perception of an attractive body composition between genders, in other words men have a little more focus on upper body and arms, while women focus a little more around the waistline and glutes (butt). You can easily stay with this workout plan the first 6 – 12 months or longer.

60 Minute Workout for advanced (mostly men)

Moving forward you might want to split your training days after getting really good at the compound exercises. You will notice that otherwise it becomes quite challenging to squat and deadlift at the same day with a really heavy weight. Adapt below plan to your needs.

On the other hand we suggest women could easily stay at the ‘beginner’ training plan, because we believe it is better for women to stay at slightly higher rep ranges in order to build a leaner body composition (lean and muscular instead of big and buffed, which also can be steered via nutrition).

All suggestions from the first workout plan apply here as well. In addition, with growing experience you will figure out by yourself how to tune and tweak your workout plans, so don’t worry too much about following any strict guides (as long as you follow the workout principles).

Once you get really experienced working out and if you want to invest more time there are also other workout routines that are very popular and effective (‘push, pull, legs’ and ‘upper lower split’), but these normally require a bigger commitment in terms of training frequency. We at 60 minute workout focus on giving guidance for good workout plans that achieve the best results when only training 2x per week.

On the next site 60 minute workout will cover sections about nutrition and supplements, which will help you making progress a bit faster.