Introduction To 60 Minute Workout

60 Minute Workout - Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a simple but effective 60 minute workout based around weight lifting (compound exercises), which you only need to do 2x per week. There is a lot of redundant and overcomplicated information out there, so we saw the need to make it better.

Firstly, we believe that weight lifting (resistance training) for most individuals is superior to cardio, because it helps you building muscles, losing fat and shapes your body at the same time. Secondly, it prevents one of the most common modern society diseases that comes from sitting the whole day (lower back pain), which cardio simply can’t fix. And lastly, it will boost your confidence and quality of life with only little time investment from your side.

Check below a few comparison shots between cardio and weight lifting:

Achieve the best results from your 60 minute workout by:

There are also some myths we would like to debunk:

80/20 rule for effective training

Training also follows the 80/20 rule (pareto principle). In other words, we believe that anyone can achieve 80% of an athletes physique by investing 20% of the time they invest. You don’t want to know how much time athletes spend with meal preparations, nutrition counting and working out. Therefore, we think for most average trainees it’s just not worth the effort for these slightly better results. For instance, do you really want to stand for hours in the kitchen and prepare meals ahead? Neither do we. Follow our four sections and understand how easy working out can be.

60 Minute Workout - 4 Sections

For your convenience we divided our website in 4 main sections:

1. Workout Principles – explaining how to work out efficiently
2. Compound Exercises – highlighting our favorite compound exercises
3. Workout Plans – offering workout plans for beginner and advanced
4. Nutrition & Supplements – explaining how you can easily modify your meals

Read our 4 sections, and stop wasting your time in the gym!

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